Inn-Between Homes helps home owners transition from old home to new home with a rental place to stay in-between the move.


About Inn-Between Homes

Born out of demand for a different type of housing, Inn-Between Homes provides a resource for customized rental accommodations. Rather than locking into the commitment of an unwanted year’s lease, discover monthly rentals on a pay-as-needed basis.

Linda Hausoul, founder of Inn-Between Homes, is a successful Realtor who saw an opportunity to provide an additional level of service to her clients. She frequently found buyers and sellers having a need for interim housing in-between real estate transactions; anywhere from one to several months. As a business-minded entrepreneur, this was the inspiration for Linda to launch a unique matchmaking service between second homeowners with unoccupied or under-utilized homes and renters needing a temporary place to stay. Her motto is: If there is a door to be opened, she will help find the key. 

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